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Main St. (reprise)
With headphones, you can gauge how big & empty the inside of your head is. Matthew Scott -- Organ, synthesizer, dramatic drums, vibraslap, tambourine, rumblings; John Pfeifer -- Music/lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, vanilla drums, beginning noise
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Rock - Progressive Rock
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John Pfeifer
John Pfeifer
December 04, 2003
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Story behind the song
More rock-oriented arrangement and sequel to "Main St." (from "opening.../On the Heights/Main St.), demonstrating that John actually picks up a guitar once every other blue moon (nevermind it was his primary in college...). Of course, he had to get all un-textbook-y about miking the cabinet: 100 blistering, marrow-leeching watts of Rivera amp (with tubes the size of watermelons), cranked-up to absolute glorious bejebus in a basement, bouncing off washer/dryers, thru furnaces, down into and back up out of an old cistern a few times, with the mic 8 feet to the left of and perpendicular to the speakers. And to think there was talk he didn't drink...
...You're glad to be back to set down your roots; no worries but deciding who you love the best. The sound of school pleasantly humming in your minds; the people that you're proud to call your home... Soft lighting and armchairs, some are on the floor; all laughing and hugging and sharing a touch of herb... Where morning and evening seem to be as one, and you're never alone with some sunshine by your side... There's always an adventure for you and her to live: a fireworks show or a stroll through the backlit night...
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