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Mother Road
Uptempo Latin Country Groove, 70's Truck Drivers & Road Warriors Theme Song, Chicken Picking, Real Strings, Brass & Soulful Female Harmonies, Travel, Nascar, Epic, Anything With Wheels, Eagles,Johnny Cash
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Pop - Pop Rock
Charts #4,112 today (peak #227)
Charts #945 in subgenre today (peak #52)
Stephen Ray Willoughby
BMI 1014654
March 13, 2009
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128 kbps bitrate
4:22 minutes
Story behind the song
Song is about being on the road & moving fast. Cast your fate to the road. Great Song for anything with Wheels, Truck Drivers Love It.
MOTHER ROAD Words & Music Stephen Ray Willoughby © 1995 Intro: I’m a free child rolling fast, free and easy, riding high. And I pray this freedom lasts, if it didn’t, I would die. Ride the skyline to the mountains, or the shoreline to the sea. I can stop at any time or place, and do just what I please. I can ride along the back roads, by the rivers and the trees. I can say hello or wave good-bye, or sing my song for free. I was born for this life, it runs and rambles through my blood. My mother was the road, my father, the free sky above. MOTHER ROAD… Verse 1 My mind is so much clearer now, I can see beyond my nose. I know where I’m bound, Yes, and I know that’s where I’ll go. Cast off my heavy woes, Pack up all my clothes, Get back on MOTHER ROAD. Chorus Wheels keep on turning, Keep on burning, up MOTHER ROAD; Don’t go slow, don’t go slow, don’t go slow, don’t go slow. Verse 2 It feels so good to be alive, And I can be what I have chose. I’ve found that magic door, Yes, and I just won’t let it close. I gotta let my music flow, Sing the music of my soul, Get out on MOTHER ROAD. (Repeat Chorus) Wheels keep on turning etc; (Repeat Intro & Fade Out) Gotcha Music BMI 1288 Barbara Ave. Union, NJ 07083 908-851-2919