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Boca Raton Resort
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Palm trees sway, hibiscus blooms...
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Kathy Moxham
c 2003 Kathy Moxham
August 11, 2005
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Story behind the song
I stayed at the Boca Raton Resort for 6 months. Somebody had to do it. Recorded at Whip Records (engr David Landon): Kathy vocals, Doug lead guitar, the amazing Garth Webber on rhythm guitar, the incredible Ben Flint on rhodes, the best Bootza Necak on bass, Jeff Oster trumpet, Stuart Yasaki clarinet, trumpet, and more, Rocky Tatarelli lead saxophone, Reid Whatley drums. Geez. Phrasing by Pollyanna Bush. Originally recorded at Garth Webber's studio in Berkeley. Kathy Moxham vocals, Doug Logan rhythm and lead guitar, Peter Booras drums, Peter Gillette acoustic bass.
Boca Raton Resort c 2003 Kathy Moxham I walked into the lobby at the Boca Raton Resort The bellhop came and got me at the Boca Raton Resort As we walked over to my room palm trees swayed, hibiscus bloomed Life is not too shabby at the Boca Raton Resort You can hear the band play Out by the pool everyday Poker games and smoky halls at the Boca Raton Resort Cherry blintzes and crab cake balls at the Boca Raton Resort Cabana boys, spritz me up, set my chair and fill my cup I sure am glad they'll have me at the Boca Raton Resort At the Boca Raton Resort Florida...
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