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Spaghetti western (Clint Eastwood style), Dream sequence, Lenny gets out of a bar, gets rolled by urban cowboys and shot. It is followed by a country song about his life. Read the true story of the main character under song info.
Country - Country and Western
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Evan Paul Kozaris
February 23, 2009
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Story behind the song
Lenny Cory was a homeless street singer in Ottawa, Canada. In the daytime you'd see him on the street playing his guitar and singing country songs. He'd be saving, to one day make it to Nashville, but he always ended up drinking all the money at the bar, Lafayette. The spaghetti western is from the scenes where he comes out drunk, gets rolled by some urban cowboys, and gets shot, and as the camera rolls in time, to early morning we see him wake up, it was a dream...he rolls his sleeping bag, by the river, ...walks back to his playing spot with guitar in hand. I wrote this piece of music for the movie, "Rent" by Peter Evanchuk, but the movie was never completed due to Lenny's death in the middle of the shooting. This recording was done sometime in the late 80s early 90s.
WESTLAW-DREAM COWBOY (words and music by Evan Paul Kozaris) Verse 1 Is that a dream that you had? Is it a dream that you're livin' Hey, lonesome cowboy, where's your hat? On the streets where you're giggin' That and an old guitar, May never take you far, From the chill of the morning. Verse 2 Wherever you lay your head's your home, By the bank of the river, But it sure is warmer than before, You decided to leave her, What will be will be There's no guarantee, Only time will tell my friend.. solo A hat and an old guitar, May never take you far, From the chill of the morning, Is that a dream that you had, Is it a dream that you're livin'.
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