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Summer Sun
A song about how nice it is to feel the heat of summer with all of your senses.
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Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
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Mike Pilling
2009 Mike Pilling
February 22, 2009
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SUMMER SUN by Mike Pilling When the sun is out And the day is bright Feels so good The world is right The ground is warm On your feet The air hangs heavy As you walk the street CHORUS Summer sun summer sun Its in love with everyone Summer sun summer sun Its in love with everyone The kids are all Out of school The weathers hot But theyre playin it cool Mirages shimmer On the sand People walking Holding hands CH BRIDGE Warm summer breeze blows endlessly Just like the rivers Flow out to the sea The seagulls cry We stand on the pier Doesn't summer seem A little longer this year CH Seagulls and surf to fade........
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