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Every Single Evening's Plot
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Slight satire on the life of a solitary person
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A Beautiful Disaster
A Beautiful Disaster
February 17, 2009
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Story behind the song
I viewed my life in such a way just a little more than half a year ago. Even though this scene is just my imagination, it is common for so many loners out there...
I closed the door of my dirty old flat, I went outside for a short evening stroll. I bought some cheap hooch and a condom instead. I'd only arrived when I heard a phone call. It was so persistent, so deafening loud. Who failed to forget me? I wanted to know. I took a deep breath for a desperate shout, Picked up the receiver: "Hello! Hello?" Just silence. An error? Wrong number? Or what? A quick thought of you. Stupid me! Would you care? I started to feel all the spirits I'd bought Dissolve in my blood, neutralizing despair. In less than an hour my neighbours arrived And asked me for something they needed. Okay. I gave them a condom and bade them hot night - I wouldn't have sex for some number more days. I spent the next hour listening to moans, But envy and anger were still neutralized. I'd made through the day, and I'd done it alone. The neighbours calmed down. I closed my eyes.
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