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Mark the Ham Sandwich
Kristen Hale--Muy sexy vocals; Darrel Taylor--Drums; Joel Edwards -- sweet bass; Matthew Scott--Keyboards, cello, lyrics; John Pfeifer--Acoustic & electric guitars, vocal, music DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF DARREL TAYLOR
Single - $1.00
Rock - Progressive Rock
Charts #2 in subgenre today
Previous peak charts position #21
Matt Scott / John Pfeifer
John Pfeifer / Matt Scott
December 01, 2003
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4:49 minutes
Story behind the song
Uhhh...as for lyrics, um...well, that is to say...err...feh; maybe the college infirmary's 500-proof cough-syrup and a 214-degree fever? Intelligent yet highly colorful marine life in the basement of Hessler Hall? No such luck, amigo. At the time, I was at home from college for the summer (just after learning "Green Dolphin Street") and working as a long-distance operator, but still trying to keep a grasp on my friends from high school, who were all well on their way to unemployment and liver damage. I needed the money, so I was stuck working the 8-5 shift, while they wiled away the evenings microwaving macaroni in Bud Light and dragging each other down concrete steps by their neck chains. One night, after another evening of "talk to the slutty girl who's slept with everyone there but me", capped by pleas for me to stay another ten hours (and do nothing) at the expense of more desperately needed sleep, I finally drove home a more creative way (to keep from nodding off and careening into a Taco Bell), past my old junior high. The phrase "drove myself home from junior high" stuck in my head, and I wrote all the lyrics that night. They made less and less sense as I got more and more tired. (ed. note: hey, they started actually making sense to me as the '90's wore on -- what losers: I made my mac with Sam Adams Cream Stout! --JP) But hey, does Kristen Hale NOT have the SEXiest-sounding, soul-melting-est voice you've ever heard, anywhere, from anybody, ever!?!? *sigh!*
Drove myself home from junior high; drove myself home but I didn't know why. Doing things I would have believed from you, doing things I think I had no right to do... (Listen to all the great years; listen to me...) Listen to all the great years we've had; listen to me when my voice goes bad... You people sit here and think you're so deep. Aww, you people function on three hours' sleep... Tri-color dolphins abound in the bush; point me toward home and give me a little push... (Listen to all the great years; listen to me...) Well, try to get people to screen all your calls; ah, the people-next-door will bang upon the walls. She really was hoping I wouldn't do that, but nobody saw what I thought was my hat... (Listen to all the great years; listen to me...) Listen to all the great years we've had; listen to me when my voice goes bad...
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