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Matthew Scott--Piano, synthesizers, drums, Cuban radio transmissions, lyrics; John Pfeifer--Vocal, electric guitar, music
Rock - Rock General
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Matt Scott / John Pfeifer
John Pfeifer / Matt Scott
December 01, 2003
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Story behind the song
One more time, everybody- I like her, she doesn't like me, whine whine whine. I have a vague recollection of feeling like a satellite around some girl I barely remember, her being the center of attention and barely acknowledging my existence. Need a caterer for that pity party? (ed.note: Which is why, despite how neat they possibly are musically -- hey, where else are you going to hear me finger-picking, for cry-eye? -- my high-school era songs will never, EVER make it to this page. "Goodbye Look" is about as close as you'll get, and that, technically, was after graduation. Well, no, there is that "5 Stars" thing which we need to finish, but there's not a lot of whine to that; more "Hey, let's use imagery instead of a bunch of teen 'woe-is-me' BS.")
Old going out with the new; lying here, waiting for you. Falling to the ground without making a sound in the night... Smoke as it blows through the trees... Desolation is all that I see. There for a reason -- but I'm out of season tonight (tonight...) Walking on a section of ground that won't crumble -- Hoping she comes by tonight. Trying to find something more than a tumble -- Looking out from satellite... Half of your life in a room; settling into the gloom. Words tend to slur when you're thinking of her in your mind (in your mind...) Catching me out of the sky -- I swear that it wasn't a lie. Time for the strike -- Does she know what it's like? Is she blind? (Is she blind?...) Hoping that this section of ground won't crumble -- Lying awake every night. Praying that I won't let her see me stumble... Peering out from satellite...
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