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I wrote this song after leaving Annapolis for Denver. This is a live recording from the Rock N Soul Cafe in Boulder, CO.
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Sean Doherty
February 16, 2009
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Story behind the song
I wrote this song as I was getting ready to move from Annapolis, MD to Denver. It wa a big decision in my life because I only knew a handful of people and didn't have a job. The first verse is in reference to a girl that I had been dating who lived in Pittsburgh. When I left for Denver I had to drive on the PA turnpike the same way I went when I would visit here. The windmills are on the stretch of I70 near Donegal PA. I can remember the radio stations fading the farther I drove so I mention that in there. The second verse is about things that were going on in Annapolis prior to my leaving. The part where I sing "I read the paper today and Benny Carr is dead and gone," is reference to a guy I went to high school and the Naval Academy with how died in a car crash the day before Thanksgiving. It hit the town and the people I knew pretty hard, hence why I wonder if the town will be able to hold on. The line about the alcoholic on TV is about a woman from Annapolis named Betsy who was featured on the show "Intervention". I actually remember seeing this lady at the hotel where I used to work, in a very drunk and sad state. I don't know what ever happened to her, although I imagine she died. The rapist playing QB is in reference to for Navy quaterback Lamar Owens who was charged with raping a female midshipman at the Naval Academy. Lamar isn't a rapist and was found not guilty and that is why I sing "wrongful accusery". The part where I sing "What did you want me to say what did you want me to be" is about the girl from Pittsburgh and the whole ordeal of telling her that I was leaving for Colorado and she couldn't come with me. That was hard but necessary. Other than that the song pretty much explains itself.
I saw the windmills on the Pennsylvania Turnpike And I thougt of You It was suppossed to be a sunny Friday afternoon As I drive on the radio fades But the mountains are in full view Selling books it ain't for me So what should I do Well maybe I'll run away To Denver And maybe you'll runaway too I read the paper today and Benny Carr is dead and gone It makes me wonder if this little town can ever hold on We got alcoholics on TV and rapists playing QB But its wrongful accusery Everything was alright and everything's all wrong What did you want me to say What did you want me to be I can't take your love so casually A different place different time Where my words they don't rhyme And maybe you could see That I had to runway To Denver And you had to runaway too I know that I had to go to Denver Cause I'm so much, so much better.
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