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What Would Jesus Do?
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Country - Christian Country
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Gord Lang
Gord Lang
February 11, 2009
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Story behind the song
Three people with their own stories – likely you have met one or all three of them in your experience. How did you respond to each of them? More than just a trite saying or a fashionable piece of jewelry, this song asks a question that begs an honest answer from each one who desires to follow Jesus’ teaching and example.
There’s a drifter on the corner and he finds it hard to stand So he’s asking for a dollar as he’s holding out his hand He doesn’t quite remember how his life turned out this way He just believes another drink would help him face today Do we try to step around him and pretend that he’s not there Or do we see a wounded heart that needs a Father’s care Is there some way we can reach him with a love that’s strong and true As we ponder the reality of – what would Jesus do? There’s a young girl in a mini-skirt – she’s just across the street And she’s looking for a favor from a man she hopes she’ll meet (Oh) There was a time she dreamed of being Daddy’s little-girl But circumstances changed so fast and crushed her perfect world (Now) We could totally ignore her in our disgust and shame And judge her for her sinful life – just a face without a name (But) We should tell her there’s a different way – a life of hope anew And settle the uncertainty of – what would Jesus do? There’s an old man in a nursing home who’s lonely for the day (When) he could wake up to his Morning Star – before she passed away (Oh) He knows that there will come a time he’ll see her once again But for now there’s only memories to help him ease the pain And the mem’ries of what used to be no longer fill the hole (No) He needs some love to heal the hurt that’s threatening his soul So from the ache of loneliness he’s reaching out to you The question of the day remains as – what would Jesus do? (Now) It’s a question that we’ll need to face in living every day To know just how to help each one we meet along the way To help them see beyond today – with a different point-of-view And walk with them through all their pain ‘cause that’s what He would do