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02 - The Preamble
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Produced: Sinima
HipHop - Hip Hop General
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February 11, 2009
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If we live inside the shadows of our past lives, were only clones and in a stone's throw we act wise. But we know that we've capsized, and in the cold as the snow blows our old souls we won't grow. But I chose those people in my life because they hold Hope close to their hearts. And when the dark creeps up in the night, don't show fear, open your ears, open your minds. You'll see something ignite, you'll watch it explode. The only reminder, is the mirror in your eyes. Don't stop it just go, let it free, let it expand. If any demands get met then its damned, supply to the truth, see the nature, step in the land. In the sunshine, head in the sand as we run by. In the blood sky, raining fluid from our veins though, the eclipse of the moon takes the music through a rainbow, shooting through my brain slow. Sweat from the glands dripping like the liquid and I hope it appears, as the tears from your hopes and your fears. I hope that its clear, I hope that you're near. To feel your presence and your essence and I'll soak in your ocean of tears. Let the pain penetrate my soul and I'm here, for you and I, human and life. I choose to fly through the muses and fight, blue in the sky. If love is suicide then I'm doing it right Because I choose to live: I fought long and hard, the battle internally shattering, murdering half my certainty. The other half struck disaster and love and laughter were hurting me. Then I grew up, a stronger heart mastered maturity. Crossed the dark then I blew up. I suit up for you plus I knew the consequences. And my defenses, a sign and message that I've neglected a mind and mentioning my confessions to you. I guess that its true, you had it in your head and the proof was in the images I fiddled with and then it was over. Weather was colder, and you swept from my shoulder I guess its better to know hurt, then to think that you can handle it before it explodes first. ©2009 TRUspeak Independence