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Pagan Pride
Trad Scottish meets goth metal- Poitin/Mortal Destiny collaboration
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Metal - Goth Metal
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Trad.arr Mortal Destiny/Poitin/lyrics-J.KingPoitin
February 11, 2009
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3:46 minutes
Story behind the song
This is what you get if you record a trad celt band in a studio run by a death metal fanatic with a love of Celtic music. Pavel, apart from having a recording studio) is also the leading light (or darkness) behind Mortal Destiny. He heard Poitin recording this Scottish tune and was inspired to write a metal version of it using Poitin's original fiddle, whistle and bodhran tracks plus his metal guitars, drums and vocals. Jeremy (Poitin) wrote the words inspired by the noises that came out of Pavel's mouth when he first played it. They speak of a warrior on his last legs under a wint'ry sky fighting off the invaders. He's about to give up when his back comes up against a standing stone from which comes a great power which drives him on to drive out the invaders and avenge his people. Cool, eh?
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