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Simple Questions
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Odd Roar Vindstad
Odd Roar Vindstad
November 21, 2009
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Simple Questions v1: Saw her the other day The most beautiful one A girl I`ve not in my wildest dreams thought I`d ever meet And so far I`m right `Cause I couldn`t build the guts To walk her up,and get in touch,asking some simple questions: Choirs: If she wanted to dance If she wanted to talk If she wanted a coffee, or to go for a walk If she could use a laugh, or if she needed a shoulder If she wanted to make this night one to remember when she grew older v2: Then again yesterday I saw her in town Looking ten times more beautiful than any of the other ones around And then I thought, If I was a `ladies man`, I`d hit her up armed with a smile and small-talk like only these guys can. v3: But I`m not one of them, So here I stand. Watching her disappear while I`m disappointed with who I am... -A contrast to my dreams. Where she is coming towards me. Making my life easy to live with just some simple questions: Choirs: If I wanted to dance If I wanted to talk If I wanted a coffee or to go for a walk If I could use a laugh or if I needed a shoulder If I wanted to make this night one to remember when I grew older v4: Around that point I wake up. The pain grows in my chest, as i realize I`m laying in a bed where a lonely man rests. And then I see; this is how it always will be. I`m a f*cked up dreamer with plans hanging far out of reach for me. `Closing`choirs: yes this is me, I will always be free. Never saw it as a curse`til it became my destiny. I`m not much of a dancer. I`m not a small-talker, And nothing glows like My low selfasteam when I`m out walking.
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