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The Hidden Truth
Moving On.
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Bleeding Hearts Melody
2003 Bleeding Hearts Melody
November 29, 2003
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Story behind the song
This is an old song from about 2 years ago, recorded in a basement by my friend Dan who did a really good job for a basement recording! Break up with somebody and can't get over them, this is how you feel.
everytime i've been trying too much all my life i've been waiting for love without you why should i want to live on tomorrow i'll wake up and you'll be gone a memory to hold onto the hidden truth that waits for you this memory it's all i have an empty feeling my open hand in my dreams the only place that we can be my nightmares have come back so rapidly another day it's passing so slowly by all this pain the nights that i still cry tomorrow's not another day i just can't let it be this way i'm leaving i'm letting go i'm driving away so now i know just where we stand i'd crush my heart on your command i wish it never came to any of this we'd be much better off it kills me to look into your eyes and everynight i still hear you cry it hurts me more and tears into my soul but lets me know that i can't stay here or be like this i let you down we took a risk please don't look back i'm leaving here now with our last goodbyes
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