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The One
love song.
Single - $2.00
Rock - Classic Rock
Previous peak charts position #42
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #6
jenny liptrot
jenny liptrot
January 21, 2009
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120 kbps bitrate
4:42 minutes
Story behind the song
This is a song I have written for the love of my life, my husband who I met 19 years ago. How he puts up with me (and for so long!) I will never know!
The One Verse 1 I looked into your eyes and I saw your soul, we were meant to be. I gave to you my heart and you made me whole. You believed in me. When I'm going no-where You take my hand, I'll walk with you forever Until the end. Chorus You're the only one, my life, my reason, In a world without you; I can't survive alone. You are my strength, my will to live, You carry me into tomorrow. I love you, I need you. Verse 2 And now I'm looking back At the memories we've made together, We created life And made our history now and ever more. Life's a one way ticket And when it's gone, I want you to remember That you're the one. Chorus repeat
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