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Crepe (Radiohead Parody)
A Radiohead parody about famous french pastries.
Podcasts - Comedy
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January 15th, 2009
January 15, 2009
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Story behind the song
Part of my "Parodies Rock" project... This song is about one of my favorite pastries of all time. I'm not usually one for food parodies, but when the title presented itself to me like that I had to take it.
Other deserts make you snore Those cookies, and peach pie Get tossed out with bagels We’re great freshly fried A pancake but better With some whip-cream swirled And coat me in syrup A whole lot of syrup! Cause I’m a crepe! I’m a pastry! Thanks to bakers I am put here I made my premier I don’t care if you bite Or you can eat me whole You know that I taste yummy You know my taste is gold And if you’re a novice To the pastry you found The French think I’m scrumptious Now you’ll think I’m scrumptious Cause I’m a crepe! A thin flapjack! Slice some apples and some pears French just like éclairs! Pull… Out the frying pan! Try… Frying one Then fry fry fry… some more YUM!!!! Whenever you are hungry Don’t eat that croissant It’s hard as a pebble We don’t taste like pebbles! Cause I’m a crepe A slim hotcake The great flavor cannot compare When baked by Pierre You're stuck to your chair