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The Dream
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This opus is the ultimate fusion piece. Starts like a song but quickly evolves into what you might call full fledge instrumental romantic symphonic progressive rock :-) The incorporated song is by Grant Starr. See full info or below for more data.
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Rock - Progressive Rock
Previous peak charts position #55
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Grant Starr / Marius Raphaelius & Grant Starr
2008 Marius Amado-Alves
January 15, 2009
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Story behind the song
Grant Starr created the wonderful song called "These Autumn Leaves", also available here on SoundClick. Grant and Marius communicated about this song and some associated instrumental sketches by Grant. Eventually Marius came up with this arrangement, which (principally the instrumental parts) turned out to be so distanced from the original material by Grant that warranted a new name: The Dream. We plan to produce a live recording. In the meanwhile, enjoy the demo.
'Neth the willow in the rain, by the brook the lark he sang and he dreamed of eternity. All the people hear today, need to chase their blues away, and create what was meant to be. Shed your inhibition; put your faith in me, you got to see to believe. Lost in this confusion, oh let your sprit free, oh you will see what I mean, with these autumn leaves. Now that you have had your way, we can build a better day and expel this hypocrisy. What's all this your sayin' oh this is killing me oh can't you see what I mean. Waiting here forever, is not livin' free, oh you can see what I mean with these autumn leaves? --Grant Starr
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