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My Big Blue Bouncing Ball
A cute catchy song for us young kids!
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Rock - Rock n Roll
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Dave Meyers
November 27, 2003
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2:04 minutes
Story behind the song
I wrote it for all us young at heart kids!
On my birthday, I just turned four, I saw something bouncing on the floor, A bounce, bounce, bouncing right at me The biggest blue ball, I ever did see, My Daddy just bought me a Big Blue Bouncing Ball! I bounce it high and I bounce it low I bounce my ball everywhere I go. I bounce it with my friends and play I bounce my blue ball every day, I bounce, bounce, bounce, my Big Blue Bouncin Ball I'm gonna bounce, I'm gunna bounce, I'm gonna bounce my big blue bouncing ball. (Jam) I bounce it low and I bounce it high I bounce my ball way up in the sky, I bounce, bounce, bounce, it when I run Cuz when I do, it's so much fun, I love to bounce my Big Blue Bouncing Ball!
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