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My 1st song I wrote for the young kids in our group. very catchy! Introducing Kirsten Joyce Valdoria & Katryn Faith Valdoria on vocals
Album - $3.00
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Pop - Contemporary Gospel
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Dave Meyers
November 27, 2003
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2:10 minutes
Story behind the song
It was a wake up song for my kids!
When I wake up in the morning,I get out of bed, sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel bad. I take off my jammies and I put on my clothes... Then I look at my feet, and wiggle my toes! I brush my teeth and I comb my hair, cuz when I get older they won't be there. When I eat breakfast, no one knows... that I wiggle my feet, and wiggle my toes. (chorus) I wiggle my fingers, and I wiggle my nose, I wiggle my hands and I wiggle my toes. I wiggle all over and I stand up tall... Cuz God loves me and He loves us all! (repeat) I wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle everyday. I wiggle in the morning before I pray. I wiggle, wiggle, wiggle oh can't you see? Cuz God loves you, and God loves me! God loves you and God loves me, God loves you and God loves me...Wiggle!
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