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Tragic Loss - GRB Round 2
Rapmusic.com GRB Battle. Round 2. Vs. Tragic
HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Shea E McDonald
Feel Free Music - XO Music
January 08, 2009
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theres nothing even close to being remotely dope when tragic is in a battle see a fagget drops the soap talkin shit get strangled as I hotboxed the whip with your little bitch kid doin whippits n shit you corny as hell spittin with your Levis tight women call his shit tiny more than T.I's wife im the best flowin and people have seen your girl get knocked up more times than Seth Rogan and the rest is.. well the rest is left knowin that ya girl gets down like there was an explosion and I will take it that far it looks like a circle track from nascar inside his girls black bra what you think you a rap star.. first of all you cant even rap so what you thinkin of that for if you ever came to an RM meet id kick you in the face with your sons own feet, right in ya cheeks what were you thinking? See this kids lyrics? we call them Brad Pitts how we Burn After Reading fuck are you believin he reminds me of Fruity Loops how theres not no Reason..keep dreaming.. its not likely if tragic wins theres a bigger catch to his victory than David Tyree, its quite likely i'll run circles around his tracks like Usain Bolt in fresh nikes who is you to deny me you stupid and blindly are so useless at ryhmin its not even funny you spittin is a crime, you should be holdin goin out of business signs.....for the blind Ill fuckin murder you since we all know nothings more Tragic in this world than a funeral and everything youve ever spit on wax is melting faster than snow cones up at the ozone and you a wierd Cop lookin mu fucka with your badge on the dresser dont get stabbed under pressure bring this mans stretcher....you snitchin thats why your always Mike'd Up like Francesa your fuckin horrible at rappin and its obvious you appeal to nerd type Asher Roth college kids i don't want to even process shit your garbage, and your retarded..so call it quits Big Trag why are you a dead beat dad? if you ever got married your best man would be a straw, 2 lines and homemade meth lab he fucks dirty bitches at the beach aint the only time this dude is out catchin some crabs and his posse for the nightlife is mexican fags 10 people stuffed in a car son... you get beat the fuck up at the club more times than Oursin I cant relate to having hours of footage gettin punched in the face caught on video tape If your tragic im 911 and holocuast balled into a molotov being thrown threw a window at the time of the LA riots so im tellin you now little bitch be quiet, I creep silent Heres my remedy.. youll never win if this guys A Head its the bullet that shot Kennedy like you would say "you can't out spit these bawwwz" he stopped AZ.. we should him you Nas and your live shows suck, I'll crowd the spot his GRB records now 1-1 like a foul shot my sound rocks, I aint stoppin this dudes life has hit the Rock Bottom more times than Dwayne Johnson and this lame will stay jockin stayin outta pocket sayin a and sprayin bunch of nonsense hes scared you see him..have this pussy jumpin out his frame as if its Night at the Museum
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