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The Blue Lady
A song about a ghost of a lady who appears sometimes near ft. Hays Kansas. She was said to have helped hundreds of soldiers in the war. Many have said they have seen her ghost appearing as a blue light on a hill south of Hays.
Rock - Rock General
Previous peak charts position #357
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #89
K. Harmon/C. Johnson
January 03, 2009
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5:58 minutes
Story behind the song
The lyrics were written by Kellie Harmon, a high school friend and poet. Curtis put the lyrics to music and Tu Much performed it.
It's time to escape It's time to cut the tape It's time to shut your eyes and then open them to see, the Blue Lady. The blue lady is our destination Sitting back and watching the creation The stars are brightening our hearts And all around there's a certain glow The light of our moment begins to start The enlightenment may be rather slow But now our souls have begun to grow The thunder children, watching the sky A place where no one's souls will die A place where we kiss the world goodbye It's time to go It's time to slip away It''s part of my fantasy Forget your problems with......The Blue Lady The Blue Lady The Blue Lady