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Tu Much!
Here's a song about us....it's called, Tu Much!
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M. Klink
January 03, 2009
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Story behind the song
We felt with a band as original as ours at the time in our area that we needed a song to describe us. So Mitch wrote this one.
You're sittin' on the edge of your seat Dreaming you can just feel my touch Your tires are burnin' with extreme heat I'm telling you girl, we're just...Tu Much! We're trying to get in the limelight Playing local dances and such We want you to tell us if it sounds right We're telling you boy, we're just Tu Much! Tu Much! Take it to Extreme Tu Much! Listen To Me Scream Tu Much! Absolutely Positively Tu Much! We're just Tu Much! You're a rock singer and a musician You say you've got a magical touch You brought your guitar to audtition I'm tellin' you man, we're just Tu Much! (chorus) Drum Solo We are! (chorus)