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Opulence (Whiz Mix)
An intricate mix...much more dramatic than my usual tracks. I write to this one often. It flows well with a variety of instruments and just rides freely.
Instrumentals - Classical
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January 01, 2009
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Story behind the song
I wanted to work on something that had a soften side to it; lighter drums, lighter sample work, smoother vibe, etc;. I think that I succeeded in doing so, because this mix is a lot more sophisticated than some of my others...which are usually straight up stark heaviness.. I can think of more than one head that would set this one off. This is, however, only a quick mix/rough draft....the same as in everything that I put on my website. For the finished version, which I'm still unsure whether I'll post, hit me up through e-mail for the exclusive rights price or lease licensing.
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