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Young Waters
One of those true stories which turns itself into a song; not very well known, but a great tune and some strong images.
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Trad. Arr. David Kilpatrick
David Kilpatrick
January 20, 2014
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4:58 minutes
Story behind the song
This is another of my midnight rambles into traditional ballad recording. I'm trying to stop them sounding alike, as in normal circumstances you wouldn't sing more than one of these songs in an evening, and I would usually just have the same guitar. But as they are all going to end up on one CD, I'm swapping over guitars a bit - this is recorded using an early 1950s Japanese Antoria, a steel string with a pinless bridge and fan bracing, a laminated body and cedar top. The sound is 70 per cent from a Pickup The World #30 sensor attached behind the bridge, on the guitar top, and 30 per cent from an AKG C1000S mike aimed at the soundhole.
Young Waters Around Yule when the winds blow cool And the round tables began There is come to oor king's court Mony a weel-faured (well favoured) man The queen's looked out owr the castle wall Beheld both dale and down And she has seen Young Waters Come ridin' through the town His footmen they did run before His horseman rode behind The cloak wis o' the burning gowd Did keep him from the wind Gowden graithed (armoured flank pieces) was his horse before And siller (silver) shod behind The steed Young Waters rade upon Was swifter than the wind And up there spoke a wily knicht And to the queen said he Wha dae he think's the fairest face In all this companie? Well, I've seen knicht, and I've seen earl An' laird o' high degree But the fairest face that e'er I saw Young Waters he must be And it's up there spake an angry king And jealous king was he! Saying, had he been but twice as fair Yet micht hae excepted me! Well, ye're no knight or earl, she said But the head which wears the croon There's no a laird in a' Scotland But to thee must bow down For all that she could do or say He waldnae be appeased And for the words which the queen had said Young Waters he must dee And they hae taen Young Waters Put fetters on his feet And they hae taen Young Waters Thrawn him in a dungeon deep! Well it's oft ah hae ridden through Stirlin' town In the the wind yet and the weet But ah nivver hae ridden through Stirlin' town Wi' fetters on ma feet! It's oft I hae ridden through Stirlin' town In the wet yet and the rain But ah nivver hae ridden through Stirlin' town Never to come home again! And they hae taen tae the heidin' hill (beheading hill) His horse yet and its bridle And they hae taen tae the heidin' hill His young son in the cradle And they hae taen tae the heidin' hill His young wife fair tae see And for the words that the queen had spoke Young Waters he did dee.
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