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Listen and let the song paint the picture: this is just a short single verse, a moment in time, an image.
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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David Kilpatrick
David Kilpatrick
January 20, 2014
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Story behind the song
This is one of those songs which we snatch from the air. I was sitting one evening playing the nylon string jazz guitar, a Lowden S-25J, and this came out from nowhere. I wrote it down quickly. The words have also been set to different music by Simon Phoenix, a British songwriter-arranger, and it's surprising how similar his setting - having never previously heard the original - turned out to be. This is a one-take recording; one mike, one take. It's how I sing it live.
Amaretto David Kilpatrick © 1999 There's a rose And it grows By the wall of the ghetto And the name Of the rose It is called Amaretto And it grows By the gate To the old Latin Quarter Where the lacemaker's daughter She waits For her lover Who is coming to court her Who's coming to take her From her father And mother Who's coming to make her A bride in the morning As the pale sun is dawning And falls On the heart Of the rose
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