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The Bell Pool
A slow Scottish jig written for the guitar, using harmonics, named for the deep pool in the Tweed where the bells of ruined Kelso Abbey are supposed to lie, ringing as the dark water flows over them - to be heard when danger is near...
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Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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David Kilpatrick
David Kilpatrick
February 07, 2008
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Story behind the song
When the English finally attacked and destroyed the great Tironensian abbey of Kelso - wisely, as these were fighting monks as well as great healers of the war wounded - the bells from the tower were cast into the dark and deep pool of the Tweed where it loops below the crags of Maxwellheugh. On stormy nights in times of trouble, they are supposed to toll in the deep. This pool in the Maxwheel stretch of the Tweed is dangerous - it can be seen from my window as I write - and has an undercurrent which can drag any foolish swimmer to the bottom. The subaqua club has, of course, been there and found no bells though it is a very dark and forbidding place to venture. This composition is one I always play on the nylon-string Lowden S-25J as it requires the strong harmonics and percussive sounds this can create. It recorded here with both the internal pickup and a condensor mike. As I vary the details of the playing, I ran through it three times and selected one continuous take which I felt represented a typical length to play it, and all the parts or variations I would use.
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