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Quest For the Last Virtue
14 minute epic in the very best Genesis style 1973-1976. Illustration by Lotta Nylander.
Rock - Progressive Rock
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Sylvan & Bonamici
Sylvan & Bonamici
December 22, 2008
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13:56 minutes
Story behind the song
The mellow instrumental part ("Back to Eden") was written back in 1980 and almost forgotten until 26 years later. We decided to write a song around it and it just got longer and longer...
QUEST FOR THE LAST VIRTUE (Sylvan & Bonamici) I Intro In the quest for a virtue, the very last of man Did we know where to start? We went in no direction Blinded by a star Then we fell into Eden Now barren was the land as the end ´s drawing near for the humanitarians Blinded by a star Blinded by a star ------ II Tounge of Starlight If the caller is a serpent And the calling is a lie Call on me If your summer nights are fading And the dark gets in your eyes Just call on me Call on me For something is fighting for light to be strong as you freeze yourself and fall If your´re mounted on a threshold and you´re waving to the light you Call on me It is too soon for your autumn When you´re arguably alive Just call on me Call on me For somebody´s watching, for something is waiting on high Comes on tonight ___ III Dance with the Devil And I who always tried to find where I belong I don´t know, never been wrong though sometimes, I admit that sometimes I fear Just like everyone fears That I´ll get away, with yet one more prey And who will know who it might be, when sometimes is luckally more time to kill, and that´s how I feel, I feel, I fear, I hear: Call on me! "Where light´s lying dead, cast to the shadows, shadows you dread Dead as the weakling who nibbled my bread For a dance with the Devil.." __ lV The Calling Call on me I want you, come back to The star as seen An angel looks down from the sky When all beings succumb to their rescue, believing, Exceedingly wants to be free - Call on me It´s been getting very late, Yes all murky about John Long Silver scares you off your boat And lured by the serpent, Flint - his masters servant now is V Back To Eden In the quest for a virtue, the very last of man Did we know where to start? We went in all directions Blinded by a star VI The Last Virtue In the midst of plenty We sat around the fire With no food and no wine Another soul retires Until there´s only one So I trusted my fortune And woke up from a dream In the brightness of light I never knew your stardom Until it took me here Yea, o yeah, let it be here People everywhere, and you must beware Don´t believe they will give Just because they can take, Oh baby - And If you tumble and, tumble and fall, no one knows you at all In the quest for a virtue, the very last of man Is this all I will find, I will find, I will find in the end? It keeps me knockin´, it keeps me knockin´, it keeps me knocking but I can´t get in, can´t get in For somebody´s waving, and somebody´s waiting on high for you tonight
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