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Mr. Marmaduke and the Minister
7/8´s symphonic rock ala 1972-73. Photo by Magnus Kull.
Rock - Progressive Rock
Previous peak charts position #322
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #41
December 22, 2008
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7:59 minutes
Story behind the song
Story based on a short novel by the same name written by Wilkie Collins (1824-1889).
Mr. Marmaduke & the Minister (Sylvan) "Winter seems to be upon us, on the Highland Border, already. " I. Marmaduke The wind had risen with the darkness howling around the house As our bottoms would leap from a blow on the door I went out into the passage, just to find a little sprout out in the night! "Mister, don´t be afraid I´m just a traveller And I got lost among these hills Bring him here - Oh father please bring him into the light Look he´s shaking - he must be ill! (good girl Felicia!)" Mister I do understand you´re the master of this manse and this land and I thank you all - now could you spare us a drink? Written in ink, my name is Marmaduke and I believe you´ve saved my life Marmaduke Falmer of London town, now safe and sound I´m safe and sound But our young lad got worse that night - bading in sweat from fever with his toung hanging out like a dog!! II. Sister Judith "There´s something strange about this Marmaduke Because Felicia is at the sick man´s bedside assidiously nursing him right Love might smite, Love might bite! Is that a love bite?!!" Mister I don´t really care for your sister but indeed I shall ask for your daughters hand She will be pleased to dance into the manse of Mr Marmaduke with the entrance of a queen Mrs Marmaduke Falmer of London town, talk of the town, the talk of the town will go around III. The Minister You little brat you believe you can snatch - my only daughter away from here And so serious a venture as the venture of this kind - is, not to be taken on impulse. Marriage. Marriage? ? In Sverige?!! And the young man set to leave, now there were tears, there were protestations I gave them half a year of reconsideration....All of this time, I remained immovable, They remained inflexible "We know who we love, and we love who we know who we love" ....all of this time - time - time IV. Marriage in Sverige Mister! Heed the return of mr Marmaduke! As I have honoured your request Mrs. Marmaduke Falmer of London town, The snow white gown will match her crown Mister...I have come to claim my bride.. I see she is your pride...your pride and joy...by heart and soul.
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