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Long Gone
The major third on the first beat of the fourth measure of the final flute solo represents Esther Povitsky sneezing. Composed and performed by The Richman Curse. All rights reserved.
Rock - Progressive Rock
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Jeff W. Richman
Jeff W. Richman
December 22, 2008
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A downward spiral Drowning in denial You're gonna pass the point of no return In danger again Racing toward a bitter end And maybe only then will you learn Long Gone, laughing along No one is singing your song Fast asleep till slowly you wake You don't have a heart Until you feel it break In shades of gray Waiting for the day You're gonna see no reason to go on In deep despair Reaching, finding no one there And nobody to care when you're gone Long Gone, laughing along No one is singing your song Hard you fall and lonely you rise You'll never know peace Until you close your eyes When every day Keeps spinning out of hand In every way Slipping like the sands of time Neglected Rejected down the line When all your chances Dwindle down to none With all your plans Leaving only one way out Don't take it You'll make it through somehow Long Gone, laughing along Go on - keep singing your song Straight ahead, step into the light You'll see for yourself That everything's all right