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Take Me Back to 1969
This song just strikes a chord with audiences everywhere - even if the year needs changing. 'Someone went ahead of me, and turned the signposts round...' - the story of my life!
Acoustic - Folk
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David Kilpatrick
David Kilpatrick
November 24, 2003
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Story behind the song
Written in 2001, this started with a single verse and a concept - easily continued through the additional verses. Those were very personal when written, as 1969 was when I played in folk clubs and also became a unit with my late wife Shirley (the photo of her is from 1987 though - she was a model when we met and became a photographer with me for 47 years of marriage, cancer depriving me of her spirit and body in July 2019). The verse about the bus queue is totally about us. I never thought the final verse would one day be so true, as I really would like to 'write this book again'.
(Spoken - backing Am/F/G/Am/Em/Am) They say sixty-seven was all that it seemed A summer of love, a doorway to dreams But hell, not for me! I was only fifteen And the best years were yet to come... (main song) Take me back to 1969! I want to do it all again! I'm running out of time, I'm so much older now than then! I want to make my way back home, Walk the paths I never found Because someone went ahead of me And turned the signposts round... Take me back to 1969 I want to play that tune again! I want to fade out on the line Where the music never ends I want to turn the volume up And sing the songs I heard Before someone locked the tuning dial And that station disappeared! Take me back to 1969, I want to catch that bus again! I want to stand there in the line, Just waiting in the rain. I want to walk you right back home By the gaslamp's fading light, Before they powered up our street And burned away the night!* Take me back to 1969! I want to write this book again! Now I can read between the lines, And I know just how it ends... I want to make those bullets miss, The lovers live another day, Before they bomb our sinking ship And blow us both away! (First verse repeat) (intro repeat with fade)
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