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Over Edinburgh
Edinburgh (Scotland!) is a wonderful city in summer and if you've been there, the chances are you have ended your night out as the sun rose again. As much a cameo of the festival city, as a love song...
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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David Kilpatrick
David Kilpatrick ©2002
November 24, 2003
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Story behind the song
From some unusual chord changes on the guitar, the song grew over a short period. It is a strange kind of song since rhymes, and the pattern of the words, don't really matter much. I think my writing here was influenced most by the songs of the late Isaac Guillory, who came here often. The lyrics are quite changeable when sung, since the song was written originally 'in my head' and not on paper. This represents a reasonable set! Played on my new Lowden O-12 guitar, drop D tuning.
I remember one night you were mine I looked into your eyes And time Stood still We talked, we talked, we talked, we talked, we talked Till the sun came up over Edinburgh Candelight and roses and red wine Lamplight shines On the wet streets Where the rain has fallen all night long And we walked, we walked, we walked we walked back home As the sun came up over Edinburgh Music from an open doorway Fills the night Someone drops a bottle on the stone Mutters curses softly underneath his breath As the last taxi Makes its way back home And the sun comes up over Edinburgh Monday morning, back to work again But I can't concentrate I dream of you and think of when I'll see you soon as daylight ends and we'll watch The sun go down over Edinburgh (repeat verse 2, and instrumental to end)
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