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GRB 08 RND 1 Vs Rhymes
Some quick sh*** for the RM tourney..
HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Shea E McDonald
Feel Free Music - XO Music
December 16, 2008
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boom when I kick in the door like biggie smalls you a fuckin fagget probably wanna sniff biggies draws im intricit and raw you resemble a broad gettin raw dogged for everything you got when im in the booth im everything that your not see im in this cus im nasty you in to pretend your not ass cheeks im in this for the money how do you not hear yourself off beat with them big ass ears like bugs bunny fuck a hairline this kids stash got a shapeup trimed from nut hair and taped up... wait hold up im not finished him and his friends are 10% of the dirtiest kids inside clinic.. im 10 dollars richer.. you catching a Big L cus your music couldn't sell im seein the bigger picture you need rhyme lessons like the yankees need a pitcher your flow more up and down than a masturbators zipper not to mention that your a fag boy with bitch tits with LT's quickness to get to all those biscuits switch to wheat thins and triscuits, no if ands or buts about it pick a fuckin block and go run around it.. thats why your so off beat you got too much patron leakin through them fat cheeks and me shit.. give me a dutch and ill fill it with ganja this kids house is box full of Nerds like Willy Wonka youve never gotten past round 3 in your history.. and thats shit never ending like Infiniti.. I get paid off Rhymes im out pickin cars you out in brookyln sellin snicker bars go get a job fuck you performin at wack spots, you all the way in the back by the back drop lookin like an asshole standin there spittin your filler bars you the laugh stock, when you was little you was the biggest pussy in the sand box and now your moms and sister are cheap sluts I gave them each a slice of pizza and 3 bucks n we fucked.. you aint scary you wack as fuck and all ya boys are your yes men like jim carrey you the type to turn down stacey dash for a pair of fags dressed in drag