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One Hour With Thee
The language is a little old-fashioned, but this is new song. It seems right that way. Have a listen if you love someone.
Acoustic - Folk
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David Kilpatrick
David Kilpatrick April 2003
November 24, 2003
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Story behind the song
I found these lyrics scrawled on two pages of the fridge magnet notepad a few months after writing them down. I could still remember the tune, which is based on an old Scottish melody. I have no idea why I didn't record them. There was a fourth verse started but crossed out, so I was probably trying to finish the song. Reading it again, I felt it was complete. So here it is. The guitar is my Lowden O-12 in open D tuning with Newtone strings, recorded acoustically - one microphone for voice, one for guitar.
When I was young and in that dawning I saw you white as the lily blooms Beneath the shading tree Then would I have given you that morning All of my day for just one hour with thee As I grew older in the summer Seeing you ride so fair Oer the ferny lea Then would I gladly have forsaken One year of life for just a day with thee Now as the Autumn gilds the sunset Slow the leaves fall from The shading tree I would offer you my last days If I could spend just one more hour with thee
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