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Truck Ugly
lyrics by Steven Palm
Peak #2
Peak in subgenre #1
2008 BlueTurbit
December 13, 2008
MP3 4.9 MB, 192 kbps, 3:33
Story behind the song
A couple weeks ago Steven signed on to SC and emailed me and asked me if I do collaberations. He said he had some lyrics he wanted to make into song, so he sent me Truck Ugly. So I worked on the music and recording, and this is the result. Enjoyed doing this one. http://members.soundclick.com/PalmCountry
---Lyrics by Steven Palm - http://members.soundclick.com/PalmCountry Hey don’t go callin’ my truck ugly! My trucks got four on the floor And only one dent in the door So the radiator overflows at boil And the motor leaks some oil She runs strong I gotta be loyal maybe it could use an overhaul Just might get to it next fall Got some play in the steering wheel Not really that big a deal Sure do like makin’ those tires squeal How can you call my truck ugly? Yea it’s got some surface rust but don’t let that separate us I’ll spray on some red epoxy primer Stop that rust from getting’ deeper Don’t you know this trucks a sleeper So we missed our turn to the lake Caused by that old sticky drum brake All that chrome deserves an honorable mention What about that straight axle suspension I know it grabs your attention How can you call my truck ugly? My trucks no rat rod, never a garage queen it’s about what it can do, she’s a street machine remember, beauty is only “tin deep” and if YA CAN’T live with that, go drive your jeep! just don’t call my truck ugly!! FADE OUT: I KNOW YOU LIKE MY BENCH SEAT!!! File:TU6 Copyright:2008;Revised:29Nov2008@1500hrs/SCP
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