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Nova Milic
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Metal - Death/Black Metal
Previous peak charts position #14
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Hedonistic Exility
March 29, 2009
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Cradle of Nubia Amidst the Desert Sea Among Whisper of the Sand Of Horus Land I Call Visions of the Thebes The Fiery Chariots Gone Down from the Sky Have Presented to the Priests Technology Chariots of Men Have Taken the Air Of Iti-Taui like Tot The Anger of Tot hath fallen Upon impudent mortals The Nuclear Reactor In the Temple of Amenemhet Hath Blown Up with Fire Blaze of Seth Iti-Taui Hath Learnt Hell of Mutations Sinners Also Writhed In Terrible Torments The Irradiated Mutants Tore Apart Alive Dying And Sebek Devoured Flesh of the Remained In Terrible Torments Horus Hath Covered The Opened Wide Hell With Sand Which Hath Disappeared From the Face of Earth Till The End of Time Amenemhet’s Reign Hath Been Nipped Eternal Darkness Filled In His Eyes