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Following a Star (Featuring Dawn Diamond)
The story of the 3 maggi who went in search of the Messiah..... Original song title is 'His Name Is Jesus' written by Tammy Swindell. Harmonies by Dawn Diamond, Thank you Dawn you were Fabulous.... Final Remastering Tammy Swindell
Classical - Opera
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Tammy Swindell / Kurt Lewis Neufer
Tammy Swindell / Kurt Lewis Neufer
December 02, 2008
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Story behind the song
Tammy asked me to see if I could come up with a melody for these lyrics and this is the result...
1.) On the road toward Bethlehem, Following a Star; Three wise men on a journey, Traveling from afar. Asking all that they saw, "Where's the King that has been born? We have come to worship Him. In the East we've seen His star." 2.) There were shepherds in the field, Keeping watch o’er their sheep. The Arch Angel appeared, And God's glory shone complete. All of them were startled Filled with so much fright. The Arch Angel said "Fear not- Born is the child of light." (Chorus) His name is Jesus, Salvation He brings; He brings love and light to this nation. Come ye and worship Him 3.) All that saw were amazed. Bowing down to worship. Many gifts were given All to honor Him. Born in a stable, But the greatest gift of all. Was the joy of His birth. For He came to save us all. (chorus)
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