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Christmas in Huntingburg
Another Den Hollinden Christmas song starring a tiny southern Indiana town. Watch for an album in maybe Christmas 2009!
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Den Hollinden
(C) 2008, Den Hollinden (ASCAP) Denuine (ASCAP)
November 29, 2008
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Story behind the song
Huntingburg is one of those towns--small and not so--scattered throughout this great country of ours and probably the world where people just can't seem to wait until respectably close to Christmas to start celebrating. I figured that was reason enough to immortalize them in their own song.
Tom T. Turkey got murdered last night His body's not even cold. The weatherman's sayin' zero zip nada There's no chance it's gonna snow So there must have been a time warp Some kinda temporal apparition 'Cause Fourth Street's covered with a white tarp And they expect another four to six inches And... It's Christmas in Huntingburg Look at all the lights They're carolin' on Fourth Street It's a noisy silent night All music and movement Like some Christmas toy Carried lovingly across the world To some good little girl or boy Papa says it's still a might previous To go cut down a Christmas tree Mama's busy bakin' pumpkin pies For my brothers and me Still there's no denyin' what's transpirin' Over in Huntingburg With Santa up in the 'hood his trip to our neck of the woods Can't be far behind Yeah... (Repeat chorus) They're makin' a list; they're checkin' it twice Santa and the CIA What goes down Christmas morn in your little town Depends on what you do here today So you better not pout you better not laugh You better know who you're talkin' to Cause those Huntingburg folks ain't foolin' around When they say Merry Christmas to you It's Christmas in Huntingburg Can't you feel the cheer? When Santa makes his yearly run He starts out right here. It's Christmas in Huntingburg. It's Christmas in Huntingburg. It's Christmas in Huntingburg.
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