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All My Wine Is Gone
Ironman Mike Curtis(Vocals,Harp,Bass,Guitar)Doc Quinn,Matt Thorpe,Paul Cummins,John Cohmer,Bob Huston,Bill House, Kevin "stik" Paul(play solo guitar in said order),tj gerencser(Piano)
Blues - Blues General
Previous peak charts position #86
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #35
Ironman Mike Curtis
2002 Blues Allstars
November 22, 2003
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128 kbps bitrate
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Story behind the song
Saturday morning ... a very busy day. The AllStars gathered to join forces on this epic Blues journey into the eye of the "Storm" ... well 10 minutes of it anyways! Mike Curtis offers this raucas track leading on Vocals, Harp and Bass Guitar and rhythm guitar. As if that wasn't enough ... Mike also closes off the song with a guitar solo! Special appearance by "The Junction Brothers" (Matt, Paul, John, Doc, Bob, Bill and tj) on backing vocals takes this answer/call boogie to new heights. Solos in order of appearance are as follows: Doc Quinn (Solo Guitar #1), Matt Thorpe (Solo Guitar #2), Paul Cummins (Solo Guitar #3), John Cohmer (Solo Guitar #4), Bob Huston (Solo Guitar #5), Bill House (Solo Guitar #6), tj gerencser (Piano), Kevin "Stik" Paul (Guitar Solo #6 with tj on Piano). Mike Curtis takes the final stab and closes the song. Too long, too many solos, too much Blues! Can there ever be too much Blues? Never!
Lyrics ALL MY WINE IS GONE © Mike Curtis 2002
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