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Freddie's Blues
Doc Quinn on left rhythm guitar and Bob Huston on right rhythm guitar. Rounding out the rhythm section was Bill House on bass and tj gerencser on organ. Both Ironman Mike Curtis(harp) and Matt Thorpe(guitar) handle the soloing.
Blues - Blues General
Previous peak charts position #74
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #23
Freddie Thomas & Doc Quinn
2002 Blues Allstars
November 22, 2003
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Story behind the song
.....Freddie's Blues A portion (small riff) of this tune was originally written within the walls of San Quentin Prison, Quentin Point, Ca. by Freddie Thomas (inmate). When Freddie was released from San Quentin Prison he came straight to me with this small riff and said, "Hey Doc, listen to this and help me finish out the tune". From that point on the tune developed into what you are hearing today! The performance by the artists on this track has brought to life what Freddie was hearing that day he first heard the tune, (in prison). Now if that ain't the blues, nothing is! Thanks, Doc Quinn Doc "Mistabluesman" Quinn
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