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Blues Walked Through
Bob Huston on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Bill House backing vocals, rhythm guitar and guitar solo #3. Matt Thorpe guitar solo #1, John Cohmer solo #2,Ironman Mike Curtis bass and harp,tj gerencseron organ.
Blues - Jump Blues
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Bob Huston
2002 Blues Allstars
November 22, 2003
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Story behind the song
Story Behind the Song Bob Huston wrote this song for the Blues AllStars to record while in Nashville. Having spent the night before soaking up the local Nashville scene, the boys were rarin' to make some noise ... and "Blues Walked Through" was the perfect choice to kick off recording on Friday morning ... sunglasses protecting everyones eyes! Should your baby leave you, we suggest that you listen to as many blues songs as you can 'cause the Blues just walks through!
Lyrics BLUES WALKED THROUGH © Bob Huston 2002 Well I spent a lot of money trying to get my head on right And I spent time lord, put up a decent fight But now Im sinking, going down real low I need love so bad, but she walked out the door Aint takin no pills, cause they cant do the job There aint nothin a doctor can prescribe to clear away this fog Id try religion, a soul needs something more I need love so bad, but she walked out the door And I said said yeah, yeah, yeah, a soul needs something more Yeah, yeah, yeah, the blues came through the door Sometimes I ride, with the throttle open wide Those two wheels are turning, make me feel alive But the doors wide open, I know that I cant hide Cause when my baby went through, the blues they came inside
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