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Storms A Comin
Bill House (Lead Solo 2, Ryhthm Guitars), Bob Huston (Solo Guitar 1, Ryhthm), Matt Thorpe (Solo Guitar 3), Kevin STIK Paul (Solo Guitar 4), Ironman Mike Curtis (Bass, Harp, Guitar), tj gerencser (organ).
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Blues - Blues General
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Bill House
2002 Blues Allstars
November 22, 2003
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Story behind the song
After a full day in the studio On Friday and a long night of jammin' at Tater's house on the river, we got to our hotel and all passed out around 3:00AM early Saturday morning. Early to rise and rarin' to go, the boys arrive back at Junction Studio after stopping for tj's Whopper's at Burger King. 11:00AM on Saturday morning and right off Bill House plugged in and he, Ironman Mike and tj began laying down the base to this song. We all stood and sat along the walls watching and listening to it take shape. Then Bob Huston, Bill House, Matt Thorpe and Kevin Paul played guitar solo's all with Ironman adding some magical harmonica and the song is sewn up ... a masterpiece in a few hours.
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