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Slow Down
Song about slowing down and enjoying life. You always think you have forever, but sometimes you don't...
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Mike Pilling
November 23, 2008
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SLOW DOWN by Mike Pilling I saw him walking Down the street Movin so fast Couldn’t see his feet Coat was flying Talking on the phone Oblivious to all He was in the zone But what’s he missing Life’s going by He says life’s a bitch And then you die But it’s not like that Life can be sweet It’s what you make it Turn down the heat [CHORUS] Take a breath Talk to your friends Look at your life Through a different lens Take a pause Go for a walk No need to run Take time to talk We don’t have forever To do what we want to do So slow down Yeah slow down To the speed of life She’s still at the office She’s working late Ten o’clock Meant to leave by eight Just one more project Then she’ll be through She’s moving mountains With no “thank yous” Her kids are wonderin Where is their mom Just months ago Life seemed so calm It will get better She tells the walls She still remembers She still recalls [CHORUS] [BRIDGE] It gets a hold We’ve all been told But we keep on doing it anyway Just a little longer Then I’ll be stronger But no time for that today
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