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California On My Mind (1976)
A slow ballad about being sad to leave California.
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Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Mike Pilling
November 23, 2008
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Story behind the song
I travelled by myself from Canada to California, when I was 18 years old...just me and my VW, sleeping in the back seat. I came home and wrote this song. For 32 years afterward, it was the only song I had ever written!
CALIFORNIA ON MY MIND by Mike Pilling (1976) When I think of the swaying palm trees When I think of the setting sun Since I left the place it feels my life is over When it’s only really just begun [CH] And I’ve got California on my mind California on the brain Lazy days on the beach Now I swear each and every day’s like pourin rain Cause I’ve got California on my mind Now I’m the kind that don’t appreciate The things I love till they’re gone People say boy you’ll never learn But someday I’m gonna return [CH] [GUITAR SOLO] [CH 2X and fade]
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