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Caoptic & Dang - Shady Chicks
not down with that shady bizzz.
HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Cao P
November 23, 2008
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[cao p] Daamn, wonder why these chicks all up on me Which one do I choose, one two or three? Haha..but please.. uh, these chicks, is tricky Damn, out of all y'all how many playin' with me Cause girrl, I ain't flyin' with this Been around the world, I ain't wastin' my time Cause baby I ain't down with it You ladies that be full of sh** , Thinkin' maybe, I'll lay me on a b*** ? What??, I got a brain that I put to use While I'm doin my thang, yeaa I'm amused Chillin' with my homies sippin on this booze You around my way, thinkin' it's you I'ma choose She sayin' to her girls "he gon wife me" Nah uh, it's not likely, now I ain't uptight b I'm just gettin' myself right you seee You f*** in' them other doods you think I ain't see? Come on please, try again skeeez