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Think Depeche Mode, only with hot female vocals, a seasonal story that weaves in and out of different meanings and a killer ending.
Alternative - Brit Pop
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Rick Munarriz - Willie Cleer
Liquid Stereo
November 20, 2003
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Story behind the song
Many levels. That's the best way to approach Changes. No, better yet, approach it the way it makes sense to you. Who are we to tell you what "Changes" means to you? We get a good deal of feedback on what this song means to different people, this is what it meant to Rick as he was writing the lyrics. Naturally it's a relationship that has come to an end. Changes. The chorus speaks of how "believing your leaving has made me strong". The seaon's are in order and it is no accident. Summer. Autumn. Winter. The next step would be Spring -- when things grow again -- though the song ends, symbolically enough, before Spring starts. The historical aspect, bringing back rulers like Napoleon, Genghis Khan and Caesar -- alongside monuments like the Jericho and Berlin Wall. These were once powerful entities, like the relationship in question, that eventually came to an end. Everything ends. And, rest assured, we had a lot of fun doing the 30 second ending breakdown in this song. To get a Pentagonesque effect we had Willie phone in his "Go to Defcon One" bit from a speakerphone we miked up. Then Rick closes it out with the "Change is borne of anger" part he did on the vocoder. Yes, we go to Defcon Four, the world "changes" and all that is left to lament the demise is an automaton comparing the circle of life to a circle of emotions. Phew! If this is one of your first samples of Paris By Air, don't worry, we're rarely this deep. Heck, we splash in the wading pool of simplicity whenever we can. Still, this is one that we went out on a limb on and are quite proud of the result.
The sea was cold and angry you were sailing away The sky was dark and gray you were flying away Summers come and summers go and there's still some things that you should know Those who rise will someday fall like Napoleon and the Berlin Wall Changes They're still going on Though I may be wrong believing your leaving has made me strong Changes Your eyes were wet and lonely they were looking away Your feet were tensed and hurried they were walking away Autumn came and autumn's gone and you still don't know what you did wrong Live too fast while dying's slow like Julius Caesar and Jericho Changes They're still going on Though I may be wrong believing your leaving has made me strong Changes It's never too late to start It's never too late to change It's never too late to start It's never too late to change Winter came and winter went and I guess it was some time well spent Though you're here you'll soon be gone like Montezuma and Genghis Khan Changes Change is borne of anger And anger leads to pain Pain is bred of teardrops And teardrops lead to rain Changes
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