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Mysteria Shadan
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Track 6 in my series of compositions fusing dark electronic and cinematic/soundtrack elements based on an epic fantasy theme.
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Peak #84
Peak in subgenre #2
2008 BI9 Productions
November 02, 2008
MP3 7.1 MB, 128 kbps, 7:43
Story behind the song
Title track for my epic fantasy inspired music project, which includes fusion of cinematic/symphonic elements with industrial styled electronica. There are 3 distinct sections to the piece reflecting the major parts of my story line for the project: i) Dark Legacy The dirge like intro sets the tone of the historical plight of the Mor'Shadan, once driven almost to extinction by ancestors of the Illitari. ii) Rise of the Fallen The theme of this section is around the rebirth of the once devastated culture. Once peaceful, through the passage of time and exile the Mor'Shadan have been transformed into a vengeful force bent on reclaiming their rightful place in the world above. iii) Vengeance Unfold Coming full circle, the last part of the cycle is foreshadowing the turning of history as the Mor'Shadan arise from their caves to the frozen upper world with the intent to lay waste to their former oppressors.. Production notes: Intro: Absynth, East/West sample libraries Also: Virus TI/RP Predator, Stylus RMX and Battery for percussion
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