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Hall of the Serpent Lord
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Track 4 in my series of compositions fusing dark electronic and cinematic/soundtrack elements based on an epic fantasy theme.
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Peak #130
Peak in subgenre #3
2008 BI9 Productions
November 02, 2008
MP3 4.6 MB, 128 kbps, 5:02
Story behind the song
Part of my 'Mysteria Shadan' project (check out track of the same name for more background and overview of the story line). Story Notes: In my story line, this section takes place during the time the Mor'Shadan are in exile, sealed from the world through a powerful ward placed by ancestors of the Ilitari. Through exploration in the underworld a gateway is discovered beyond which may lie the key to the destruction of the imprisoning force. To pass through this gateway requires entrance into the domain of a powerful lord of the lost realm deep under the world's surface. The piece begins with a foreboding/ominous theme, but then shifts to a more majestic feeling as the secrets of the underworld are revealed. In the end however, the visions of majesty are elusive and the piece ends as it begins with only whispers to hint at the wonders beyond the gate. Production notes: Sample libraries are East West/Quantum Leap RA, Stormdrum and symphonic orchestra, with a few things from the voices of passion and kontakt 3 library thrown in. Synths are done with Virus TI, and some stylus RMX for a couple beat layers.
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