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Diss Track Beat - Under Construction
A beat snippet made for some raondom diss track im working on
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HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
Previous peak charts position #984
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #72
© Wolf 2008
October 31, 2008
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1:49 minutes
Story behind the song
she decided i was a cunt because i wasn 't on MSN 24/7 talking to her oh and im a cunt because i don't have the same feelings that she has... im sorry Holly, i dont want you that way, im not goin to be called a fuckhead because i don't want you the way you want me, get over it also, you actually are a self centred person, get over yourself and stop bitching to me about your so called "friends" pretty sure they wouldn't like you bitching to me about them
she'll be the first perosn to hear them