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A Beautiful Storm
this track is dedicated to a very special girl Took me 3 hours and a bottle of jacks to get through this beat block, but it's getting there
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HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
Previous peak charts position #3,327
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #292
© Wolf 2008
November 03, 2008
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Story behind the song
this is only the beat, still working on it, i wrote the track for a special girl, but also it has a meaning for every bloke out there who's interested in a girl he for some reason can't have
Verse 1 - First Sight > Standing on the corner, raindrops trickling from my hair > Im waiting for the taxi, thoughts run thick to my dispair > But without a care i shrug it off and continue to stand > watching the puddles form deeper than emotions i previously banned > this girl walked past, the type that would love a bit of romance > she gave me a look that said "i could be loved but will you take that chance" > i gave her a nod and she headed off down the street > figured the taxi wasn't in a rush so i took a seat > i stared up at the sky and wondered if she noticed me > Wishing if i walked home would she be there waiting for me > the lights flew past as cars drove with their own agendas > i sat there wondering if this girl had thought i was a pretender *Chrous > this is for that girl walking down the street > Next time we meet come by and take a seat, > next to me and have a chat, a coffee a smoke > i'll be yours while you're waiting for the other bloke Verse 2 - Shake It Off > The night had turned to day as the sun revealed itself in the sky > Still had her on my mind and i was wondering why > Wondered if i ever saw her again would i ask her for a name > Or would i just stand there give a glance, leave the chance of fame > Sat on the couch most of the day trying to watch a show on TV > wondering what it would take for her to see me for what i really might be > picking at lifes seam, i tried to conclude that i had nothing to offer > went to the bathroom and stared at my reflection in the mirror > pointing out my flaws for a reason to try to forget her > she still played on my mind, random thoughts did occur > Went back to the couch trying to shake the view of her off > A depressing sigh came though followed by the usual smokers cough *Chorus Verse 3 - Coffee Shop Memories > Walked down to the coffee shop for a chill to ease my mind > It's been a few days since the corner and these thoughts of mine > In through the front door and straight to the counter > Took a glimpse to either side and that's when i saw her > she was sitting at the window, probably waiting for an appearance > i was less than a metre away keeping up with the perseverance > Conversation starters ran though my mind letter by letter > Imagining that i could somehow make her life a little better > I ordered my usual and pointed myself in her direction > started walking, i saw her look at a bloke who had just walked in > She turned and looked at me as i pretended i didnt know her > walked past with a nod and reminisced back to that night on the corner *Chorus