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This is AN Advanced release of A Song off of MISHOO THE DRUMKIT'S EP 'Born in the land of a thousand hills' DUTCHMASSIVE & MISHOO 'I WONT STOP' - PRODUCED BY COMFORT FIT The Original Beat was called 'Bright by Night' - So I based my Verse aro
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Dutchmassive - Vocals | Comfort Fit - Beat
October 26, 2008
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This is AN Advanced release of A Song off of MISHOO THE DRUMKIT'S EP "Born in the land of a thousand hills" DUTCHMASSIVE & MISHOO "I WONT STOP" - PRODUCED BY COMFORT FIT Dutch's Vocals RECORDED by GEOFF (CHEF) NEWTON The Original Beat was called "Bright by Night" - So I based my Verse around that phrase with defines Dutch anyhow, I do shine at night! I wanted to give those at SOUNDCLICK something EXCLUSIVE ahead of release. Thank you for always coming by to listen. Email me @t Dutchmassive@gmail.com if you Read this and put " SOUNDCLICK" in the topic, for a special Bonus =) DUTCH
Bright By Night (I WONT STOP) - Dutchmassive VERSE. Its been a while since I had A chance to write / Lately i've been handcuffed to drama in my life / sometimes I circle round the same problem twice / then I stand still and await for it to strike / (story of my life) I've known to shut due to pressure / I should let it feed my desire to do better (to be better) / Instead of breaking down, I just turn the odds around, stand strong and pull my life together / .......I hussle all day NON STOP, from this box that sits on my lap till I get to the top (to the top) / till the moon gets tired and hides behind the shadows and the sun when the earth gets hot / I still wont stop (wont stop) / The more emotion I put into it (to it) the harder I rock / the harder I rock, the more emotional I get / the motion of liquid Ejects (from my pen) / on to the page, or the stage / the world wide web, or on your head / if your in your car or just on your bed / if your by yourself, or with all your friends / the time I spend on writing and recording and mixing this music for you is important (important) / you listening now is important (IMPORTANT). Written by:Dutch VonEpp Ziegler (BMI) - DUTCHMASSIVE / THE HOBBYSHOP HERO
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